Andy, Hsing-Hung Yeh 葉星宏 (he/him/his)

Undergraduate Senior Student (4th Grade), High-School English Preservice Teacher,
Department of English, National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU), Taipei, Taiwan


# Hi there! Welcome to my life!

This is Andy, Hsing-Hung Yeh (he/him/his), from Taiwan. 

I am a current full-time undergraduate student of English, and a high-school English preservice teacher at National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU), Taipei, Taiwan. Throughout my study in college, I had worked part-time as a English Chatroom Oral Tutor on campus, interned at Community Liaison Office in American Institute in Taiwan (AIT, an American embassy), and worked as a clerk at Financial Management Office in AIT after my internship. I foresee myself, in the near future, working as a flight attendant, a pilot, a public high school English teacher, a linguist, a speech evaluator, or a data scientist. 

# Get to know more about me ⋯

Among the academic fields,

I am especially interested in linguistics (phonetics) and statistics (test item analysis). I am capable of manipulating IBM SPSS and Microsoft Excel to process descriptive statistics, applying a suitable statistical method (such as T-Test, ANOVA, Chi-Square Test, Pearson Correlation, etc) based on the variables given, interpreting the significance according to the confidence limits or to the p-value with the predetermined α, and eventually present an understandable data visualization to point out the overall trend or any noteworthy results observed. To better excel myself, recently, I have been allocating my time to self-autonomous learning of programming languages, Python (watch the 3-min video to know one of my projects), C++, R and Visual Basic for Application (built in Microsoft Excel).

During my extracurricular hours,

I have always been passionate about being an event moderator and coordinating activities in my department. The passion might have been derived from my innate insistence of being extremely organized. In addition, I have also been obsessed with engaging in various types of volunteer works and putting a smile on people's face. Making a day for others is always something I am more than willing to dedicate my whole life to. In my spare time, I love doing exercise on my yoga mat, and sometimes, jogging around the Taipei city.

Currently based in

# This is where the magic happens! 

Thank you for popping by my place and my life. 

I hope you so far enjoy the vibes here. I love meeting people and talking to them because connecting with people is always inspiring! If you do have something to share with me, or (just my wishful thinking) offer me a job, I am all ears! Please contact me via the info down below if you would let me do the honors to buy you a cup of coffee. I can't wait to meet/facetime you in person! 

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# Language

Chinese / Taiwanese / English

Just a heads-up in case you would like to contact me. I was born and raised up in Taiwan. I speak Chinese, Taiwanese, and English, any language of which would serve as a perfect medium of our communicating. Please feel free to drop me a message.