Oct 2021-Present

English Chatroom Oral Tutor

Foreign Language Education Division, Office of Academic Affairs, NTNU

  • Using English as a medium of hosting sessions and tutoring (online and on-site) college students from undergraduate to Ph.D.

  • Covering various activities like board games, and incorporating diverse topics such as relationship, gender equality, technology innovations, political issues, global news, test preparation, and self-growth.

  • Received an average 4.93/5 satisfaction rating of instruction (out of 330+ comments and 500+ times participation) in the first semester, 2021 Fall. (Read More)

Group Photo with Tutors (Fall 2022)

Group Photo with Tutors (Fall 2022)

Photo with Tutees after Hosting a Session (Fall 2021)

Certificate of Appreciation (Fall 2021)

Tutor Midterm Gathering (Fall 2021)

Photo with Tutees (Fall 2021)

Photo with Tutor Lilian & Kris,
and a bunch of Tutees (Spring 2022)

Tutor 1-min Intro Video (Spring 2022)

Campus News Report (Dec 31, 2021)

Oct 2021-Jan 2022

English Online Tutor of Elementary Students in Remote Areas

Cool English, Ministry of Education

  • Scaffolded 3 tutees’ English pronunciation from scratch, and enabled their English proficiency level to achieve A2 level in CEFR within 3 months.

  • Capitalized on online authentic English materials of multimodality (audio, visual, etc.) to foster students’ understanding, thinking, and creativity during instruction.