#2 Video Review - Internalized Homophobia

Thur, June 2, 2022

1 Info

  • Source: PJ and THOMAS

  • Title: Things Gay Guys Do Before Coming Out|Internalized Homophobia

  • Length: 14 mins

  • Access: YouTube

  • Questionable: No

  • Accent: American English

2 Description

My Summary

This is my first video for today (I usually watch videos with my meals XD), and it's powerful, insightful, and even relatable. Watch the video to know more about the things you used to take for granted, how the world/society unconsciously shaped how we think, how to be more accepting and embrace inclusion, and the importance of keeping the conversation going. "It's a process."

Note: The CC subtitle for the video has not yet been available so I’ve quickly transcribed a few quotes from the clip for your reference if purely listening to/watching it presents a problem to you :))

Selected Quotes

“Another one for me is... growing up, I was never really into sports. I did not really care too much for sports at all. I love dance. I love ballet. I took ballet. I feel ashamed for taking ballet so about the time I got into 6th grade I quit. Quit ballet to play basketball because I felt like that was what I should be doing as a boy.”

“High school, (or when I was a) young adult like in college, my voice was always a big thing that I focused on, that I made sure that I talked as deep as I could.”

“Basically it’s just trying to fit the part of a stereotypical male.”

“(Before I came out) I was so worried about how I looked, what I did, my actions, how I sounded, that I couldn’t even think about anything else because I was so focused on the things that I didn’t need to do, because I didn’t want to be perceived as gay.”

“And even to this day, we are letting go of the things we’ve learned like over 20 years, but… it’s not gonna happen overnight because we’ve spent so much time hiding them… so it’s a process, there’s layers that have to be shed, and it takes time and years.”

“INTERNALIZED HOMOPHOBIA, we are coming for you! You are gonna be no more.”