#3 Podcast Review - There is a Culture Shifting Coming (Part Three: Trends)

Sun, June 12, 2022

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The episode (the third and last installment of the series) explored the life cycle of trends and addressed how it is distinctive from the past when every process between the stages took a lot longer. The more exposure time and accessibility to media of consumers after the initial introduction to a trend should be held accountable according to the speaker. The only way that can help us never become stale or outdated is to go with your own self-expression, where you "base your choices on what inspires you" because right now, it seems "it's never been appreciated to go your own ways."

Selected Quotes

"I couldn’t pinpoint one specific trend of the 2020s. There’s so much going on."

"They’ve come and gone so quickly. I have hard time believing that they are going to make them stand in history like the way the trends used to back in the day."

"Back in the day, trends kind of had to be decided by celebrities. Celebrities were the only people that were highly visible by the people. And so, what the celebrities were doing used to heavily dictate the trends––and pretty much solely dictate the trends." 

"A kid sitting next to you in the math class couldn't start a trend because they didn't have the reach to start a trend. They could start a micro trend, but they couldn't start a world-wide trend. Pretty much the only people that could do that prior to now were celebrities. Whereas, now, anyone/any trend can go viral. It doesn't need to stem from celebrities. Anybody who has a phone now starts a trend. And this means there's millions more chance of a trend starting."