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Tutoring Experience Sharing

Foreign Language Education Division, 2022, NTNU

Goal and Target Audience

The 15-min sharing was invited by the Foreign Language Education Division, NTNU. It took place in the orientation workshop for newly onboard oral tutors, and was aimed at providing insights into how to prepare a session efficiently and become an interactive moderator taking care of every participant.


The sharing was divided into three parts. Participants were first introduced to topic and question sources and provided with the rationale for organizing a session. And then, I moved on to explaining what to cover in each sub-stage of a session (greetings, discussion, and wrap-up). At the end of the presentation, some personal experience was drawn on to remind the participants, such as the most important principle, "Admit it when you really don't know," which helped them better anticipate the actual sessions and gave them a glimpse of what was happening before. 

Lecture Slides

Tutoring Experience Sharing_Andy