How to Organize an Event

A Case Study of 2020 English Week

Student Association Operating Workshop, 2021, NTNU

Goal and Target Audience

The 1.5-hour talk was invited by Division of Extracurricular Activities, Office of Student Affairs, NTNU. It hones in on preparing club leaders and their working partners for their "Week Series Event," where every club has the opportunity to claim one week among the semester and have their own festival booth (sometimes, they occupy a corner or an area on campus) set up for club promotion as well as its specialty sales. 


The talk contains two parts, "event preparation" and "intro to leadership". "Event Prep" was conducted in a chronological order according to the preparation period, in which I probed into must-(not)-dos, and tips that I found useful and feasible while I worked as a Chief Coordinator in organizing 2020 English Week. To demonstrate my idea really clearly, I inserted a huge amount of images, authentic data, feedback, etc from the event I led and participated in before. Plus, I also included a bunch of figures/tables/icons to make my presentation much more understandable. As for "Introduction to Leadership", I cited a TED Talk, "3 Tips for Leaders to Get the Future of Work Right" and concentrated on elaborating the essence of the idea "Trusting Your People".

Lecture Slides

110-1 週系列_S.pdf