Advanced Writing I, Fall 2021, NTNU

B2B Business Proposal


All-In-One is a system aiming to integrate (1) course searching system, (2) Moodle and (3) schedule, with which both instructors and students can better organize their courses and schoolworks.

Find and Fit the needs

This is one of the projects we have done in the Advanced Writing I course at NTNU. We needed to first observe our surroundings and find people's needs, and then invented/designed a product to accommodate those needs. We will then, according to the features of the product, write a business proposal (See the PDF file below) to persuade our target business/customers to buy it.

In my project, I have found that both students and instructors in college have problems organizing their assignments, plans for study/research, exam preparation, lecture notes, etc. I was also aware that too many platforms are currently used by them, which causes inconvenience and lack of integration.

To better integrate numerous platforms and to save the efforts of conducting/attending/previewing/reviewing a class, I then introduced the idea of "All-In-One" to my classmates!

Business Project_Presentation.pdf