NTNU Courses Organizing Program

Data Science and Computer Programming, Spring 2022, NTNU

Programming Project


High Distinction Award(專題特優獎)/ Best Popularity Award(專題人氣獎)

Winner ListProject Presentation
Information Technology Management (資訊技術組),
8th Computational Thinking and Programming Competition (第八屆程式設計通識課程專題競賽),
NTNU Computational Thinking and Programming Education Division,
110 Academic Year,

Data & Code

The data ONLY includes the course information from the department of CSIE. If more data is required, please visit 臺灣師範大學開課查詢系統.

The reason that I went with theirs is because their course arrangement is of diversity. For example, they have course scheduled on two different days within a week (Tue. 8-9 & Thur. 7) or they have courses that account for 1 hour or 3 hours rather than the typical 2 hours. They also have courses that extend to period A, B, C or D. All cases mentioned should have been taken into account when building up the program; thus, I chose to stick to theirs.

You can find the data and code of the program down below, or on my GitHub page.



There are multiple courses available for college students to choose from. To save them efforts from organizing course schedule, and to enable them to pay full attention to review and examine whether each course is suitable to them, the program was born.


With this program, students no longer need to create a Microsoft Excel file or sketch/hand-draw a timetable by themselves to organize all the course candidates. All they need to do during course selection period (or even right after the course information is published) is to login the course selection/searching webpage, examine each course to see whether they are interested in, and if so, simply type in the "course code" into the program.

When they are done, the program will take over from there, automatically arranging those courses into the schedule table, and they can easily see the time conflicts if any, and make their final decision accordingly.

Note. The program is EXCLUSIVELY designed for students at National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU), and is only workable with the course information data from NTNU.

Instructions for Users

  • Export the course list of the current semester from 臺灣師範大學開課查詢系統, and convert it into a .csv file.

  • Choose the language preference (English or Chinese).

  • Type in all the "codes" of the courses that one is interested in taking.

  • See the visualization of the course schedule and time conflicts involved if any.

An Example of Output

Presentation Video - Understand What I've Accomplished in 3 mins