Peter Better Café

Advanced Writing I, Fall 2021, NTNU

Brochure (Not Commissioned)


The purpose of this coursework was to develop our sense of what makes an appealing food-related brochure, and foster our designing skills by hands-on project. We first either based on our personal experience or went on the streets to explore our target store, and then embarked on collecting its background story, specialities and food photos that are applicable to the brochure creation. With a blueprint and all the elements we needed in hand, we were introduced to Canva by our instructor to complete our designing. (Other graphic design softwares can be used, too. For example, I was using Adobe Illustrator and Power Point rather than Canva.) In the last class of brochure designing series, we presented our own brochure on Google Slide for the other classmates to vote for their favorite top 3 brochures and leave comments on the works.

Peter Better Café to Me

Peter Better Café is arguably the best café that I have ever been to in my life. I was first introduced to it by my friend, Erica Lin. Even named as a café, their sandwiches are by no mediocre; rather, outstanding and outshining as a star! The Gu-Ting branch of Peter Better Café is near to NTNU campus, and about 5-10 mins walk from the student dorm, which implies I can go dine there or order a pick-up almost everyday. My classic combo is to have a cup of Latte (L) with no ice and tuna sandwiches. Sometimes, if I was starving, I would, in addition, get veggie sandwiches, too.

Designing (3-Fold Brochure)


The photos used on my brochure were mainly collected from the internet. All copyright is reserved by its author.

The "ORDERING" section reflects the promotion campaign going on at that time, which might not be true anymore for now.

Target Audience

I customized and composed the recommendation statements with setting NTNU students as my target customers/audience.

Menu Selection

The menu had been delicately selected by me since the food options in Peter Better Café are of great diversity and could not possibly be thoroughly included. I especially extracted and presented the meals and beverages that I always order as a combo, which you cannot ever go wrong with and which will definitely affordable to a college student.

Color Tone

Even though the artwork was not commissioned by Peter Better Café, I still adopted the primary color tone of Peter Better Café's brand image––dark blue, and based my font type and texture on its official menu to ensure the adaptability and compatibility of the brochure in case they actually love the brochure and would like to apply it to the actual promotion and marketing.

User Experience Considered

The "LOCATION" section contains a simple map directing NTNU students from the campus to the store. It's originally made by me consulting the Google Map for the route and drawing the map by combing simple geometric figures, which makes it aesthetically-pleasing and easy to read/understand.

Andy_Brochure_Peter Beter Cafe.pdf

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