Into ENGyptian Times

English Drama, 2020, NTNU

I was the Chief of Artistic Design Team

I was co-leading the Artistic Design Team of 7(美宣股/7人)with Anna Lee, in 2020 English Drama "Into ENGyptian Times" at NTNU. As leaders, our jobs were to coordinate the creation of the artworks with our teammates, to pitch in with effective insights/feedback/revision of the artworks our team created together, to keep track of the progress of each piece of works, and eventually, to impress the audience right from the moment when they saw the poster or received an invitation.

The Artworks

The artworks in our charge were (1) main poster, (2) invitation cards, (3) staff identification card, (4) FaceBook Profile Frame, (5) pamphlet, (6) venue decoration, (7) props for ceremony hosts, etc. The following invitation cards (front/back side) were first drafted by one of the teammates, Colin, and then modified and polished by me.

Front Side

Back Side

Me Cutting/Trimming the Cards

A Finished Product

My (Andy's) ID Card

Anna's ID Card

Main Poster

I also adopted a piece of artworks. I was in charge of designing the main poster (as well as the logo), in which Anna offered her sketch of the Golden Key Logo, and I made it a vector element in Adobe Illustrator (See Step 1, 2, and 3 below) and then finished the rest part of the poster, such as modifying the background color gradation and texture, adjusting the layout and color tones, and so on, to make it an aesthetically-pleasing and iconic poster that could both represent the vibes of our drama theme and appeal to our potential audience.

1. Prototype of the Golden Key Logo by Anna

2. Pending Colors for Designing Selection

3. Modified Version of the Golden Key Logo by me (Using Adobe Ai)

Banner of the Staff Networking Group on FaceBook by me
Lit. NTNU ENG|2020 English Drama Staff Networking Group

Main Poster Created by me

Smaller Version for Overall View